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TurnTable Launches a New App for Music Lovers

Lovers of music can now meet, the new mobile venture by that has recently got it launched out of beta, thus making itself available to the public.

This is an iOS app that will provide its users with an experience for real time, online social music. The app is available for free. Friend’s music can now be enjoyed at the leisure and according to the convenience of each user.

A user will first have to get him signed up with the company’s service. The database of this platform can now be searched through. A tone can be set for a music stream according to the preference of the user. Users can also try to get more friends found through Turntable, Twitter and Facebook in order to get them followed. Some friends will also be auto generated by Piki based on the first pick of the user. The user can then sits back and enjoy him.

The difference between this app and other similar apps like Songza and Pandora is that the task of friend finding gets involved only here, making it more social while compared with the other apps. A user’s friends here become his stations, with the title of the artist and the song appearing at the top of the screen.

The app focuses more on interaction where a few words can get shared about a particular song. Songs can also get dedicated to friends who in turn receive them as a pop up notification. Repicks, badges and emotion comments are some of the ways in which reactions can be made by users. Also, direct messages can be sent by users here.

However, the danger of randomness is also present here. Also multiple themes and genres will often be found. “some people like that, that’s how [he] used to listen to music on iTunes, just all at once on shuffle.”, says Billy Chasen, the founder of the startup, as has been reported by

However, those listeners looking for one common thread will be offered a range of controls in order to find just what they want. The teams focus is now on getting an android app built and launched.

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