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Trimble Acquires Assets from Vico

Trimble Navigation Ltd, a technology  company that offers its services to field and mobile workers in the government and other businesses has very recently acquired assets from Vico Software Inc .A 5D virtual construction software and consulting service company. However the financial terms regarding the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Located in Sunnyvale, California, Timble mainly provides its customers services in various areas like agriculture, construction, fleet and asset management, surveying, public safety and mapping. It mainly does this by using technologies like lasers, optics and GPS. This recent acquisition made by the company has extended its solutions in building construction. Apart from this it has also provided the company with a platform to connect its flow of information across a Design Build Operate (DBO) lifecycle thus improving the company’s management of costs. Further, scheduling on complex building construction projects will be optimized.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Vico Software mainly specializes in 5D Virtual Construction Software apart from offering consulting services. Providing software and services to the industry of commercial construction the company helps construction managers and general contractors reduce risks .

"Vico's 5D Virtual Construction software solutions pioneered the category of 5D BIM for construction. With Vico's capabilities Trimble is uniquely positioned to participate in the industry's evolution from 2D to 5D management," said Bryn Fosburgh, Trimble vice president. "Vico provides an important contribution in that evolution by connecting data from the virtual aspects to the physical aspects of a building construction project. It becomes the connection point that binds Trimble's hardware and software suite of products together across the DBO lifecycle."-as reported by

A progressive step in process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) 5D provides a richer context of data to 3D BIM by linking the individual 3D model components with time and information related to costs. Thus it allows the project owners and service providers to visualize the progress of activities and costs over time.

"5D Management solutions help create a highly responsive, transparent and efficient construction supply chain," said Mark Sawyer, president and CEO of Vico. "Vico's acquisition by Trimble, the leader in delivering advanced technology to complex construction projects, will extend the value of our solutions inside a much broader product portfolio. Trimble has moved aggressively into this rapidly evolving technology segment, and together we are looking forward to driving the future of BIM for construction."-as reported by

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