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Time Not a Constraint to Be an Entrepreneur

You may be young, studying in school aspiring to be a doctor or an engineer, but there are other avenues open these days. Why follow the old trend of choosing between the three streams of science, commerce and arts? Instead; , discover your passion and take a new path, making your passion your profession reports Huffington Post.

Therefore a new program called Startup Effect has been launched. The Startup Effect is a programme that takes place post school, educating children about the real world atmosphere in startups.

There was a workshop that was conducted to check the participation of children in the workshop. The work they were doing was given maximum priority, because they were the target audience. The week before; they had designed a character after which the new character was supposed to be finished by the students, bringing the characters alive. The kids are eagerly attending the workshop.

Startup Effect is a new tool by which they raise the programs to great extent. The eighth grades are getting exposed to real companies, who have just started out just know. These kids get a glimpse of shallow edge of work life that is close to their heart. This also acts as a reminder to students to pursue a career of their choice.  The program has benefited students largely as it has driven a positive impact on students.

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