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Third Edition of CeBIT 2016 to Emphasize on Finding New Angels in 'Business of Technology Innovation'

Bengaluru: World’s leading showcase for Digital Business – CeBIT, is all set for the world’s largest IT and ICT event which will be held from 8-10th December 2016 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC). The core theme of the event would be ‘Discover the Business of Technology Innovation’ which intends to make technology accessible to all. The five famous trends - Social innovation, IoT, Cloud, Mobile & 4G and Virtual Reality, that are causing disruption among various sectors, will be addressed during the event.

This year, CeBIT India 2016 is driven by technology, bringing together thought leaders, visionaries; innovators, SMEs & startups; CXOs, VCs, mentors & dignitaries and technology buyers & users across various industry segments. More than 400 participants and 150 Startups across the world are expected to gather in the event. 

Speaking about the event, Mehul Lanvers Shah, MD, Hannover Milano Fairs India, asserts, “CeBIT India has become a powerhouse to develop business in technology for customers across geographies and verticals. CeBIT came to India with a mindset of broadening the scope of software product companies in the subcontinent. This year, the focus will be on the use of 4G and the key role it will play in the Indian economy. The growth and participation of the number of Indian companies in our international show in Hannover is testimony to that and showcases the strengthening of the Indo-German collaboration. This year we are focusing on the central theme of exploring the boundaries of digital innovation and making technology accessible to all”.

In today’s digitizing economy, CeBIT provides the platform to professionals to every sector to gather and share ideas. The platform is further strengthened by pioneers of the industry with immense experience across the five trending areas. This year, the Digital Transformational Leadership Series is back after a great response last year, where 23 CIO’s were recognized for their efforts in various sectors. Prominent speakers this year include Anuja Shukla (Venture Capital & Startup BDM), Ashish Chandra (Global Head of Technology-Retail/CPG & TTH, TCS), Dilip Kumar Khandelwal (MD, SAP Labs, India) and many more. In order to promote the software & electronics hardware industry in the country, STPI has announced its strategic partnership with CeBIT India for the third consecutive year.

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