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Thinkful Thinks Of Better Learning for You

With the deficit of education in the field of computer science, the U.S. today has been facing increasing difficulty in its search for great potential especially in that field of engineering which faces the greatest need for great talent. With over a ninety five percent of high schools in the U.S. not including in them the subject of computer science, the problem is only being made more difficult to address.

The only solution to these problems are a handful of websites and startups that work on getting students educated on the basics of programming languages. However, this is not enough, at least according to the Startup Thinkful, that has been working hard towards getting the education of computer science democratized thus leading students to learn more effectively.

Launched in 2012 by the two founders Dan Friedman and Darrell Silver, the startup goes a long way in helping aspiring students to learn the skills they need in order to advance in their career. The startup has recently raised a round in seed funding where it arrived at an amount of $1 million. The investors here included RRE Ventures, Peter Thiel and Quotidian Ventures.

The startup aims to become an online community producing professional and productive workers by developing various skills of learners. The startup follows a one on one instruction model. In this way it aims to get education personalized for each student. Students here can focus on what exactly is being needed for their career advancement. The startup has in fact already got its batch of first twenty five students trained.

The startup charges its students a fee of $250 per month while the course lasts for an average of three months. The curriculum is mainly customized according to the needs of the learners and includes projects, text content and videos.

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