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Thermodo: A Thermometer for your Headphone Jack

Having earlier built various other software for the iOS devices of Apple, Robocat has now arrived with the launching of Thermodo, its latest product. This is a hardware accessory meant for devices like Android, iPhone and iPad. The device is in fact so small in size that it can easily fit into the headphone jack of your device. Real temperature data in this way can get transmitted and used in apps.

The hardware, with its passive temperature sensor, the gets placed into an audio jack. A tiny cylindrical end cap that reaches out of a device by a quarter of an inch protects the device. Weather data here gets transmitted as an audio signal. This can be picked by a phone before getting translated into the temperature on the phone through the API.

The device can even work offline, whether outside or indoors. A carrying case is also provided in order to prevent it from getting lost due to its small size. It is the open source SDK of the company that enables the support of any device to Thermodo.

Founder Willi Wu declares that the company had mainly emerged with its main focus on mobile weather apps. “The idea Thermodo is actually based on an indirect request from our users,” he explained.” We received several one star reviews because our users wanted the feature of measuring the temperature themselves right where they are. Currently the iPhone does not support any access to any temperature reading within the phone nor is there a dedicated sensor for this purpose. We wanted to attack to this problem anyway and came up with the most simple solution we could imagine, Thermodo.”, as reported by

“Thermodo is not translating sounds to data like Square or other softmodem-based products,” he said. “It turns out that we can apply this method to all kind of applications. What we do is converting the temperature into electrical impedance and this impedance is determined by what we call the “Thermodo Principle.” Now we can convert all kind of things into an electrical impedance, like for example wind speed, pressure, brightness and so on.”

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