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The New MacDock to Replace Thunderbolt Expansion Docks

With the Thunderbolt Expansion Docks taking a long time to arrive at the market, the solution by MacDock, the kickstarter project has come across as more convenient, considering the price of the former. The MacDock mini is small with just a few connectors.

By taking advantage of the additional USB 3.0, MacDocks provides a fitting solution to its users. What’s more, the price is half of what the thunderbolt expansion would be. External displays can now be hooked up to MacDock.

The dock is designed with a thin ribbon. The ribbon connects those parts jacking into your mac with the extension block by the use of added ports. What the MacDock mini does is to get the ports that are plugged into replicated thus providing you a single USB3.0 and a single DisplayPort. The MacDock too follows a similar design. The only difference lies in the fact that it expands a user’s options for connecting by putting on the hub end an audio jack, a display port and three USB 3.0 ports. Both the MacDock and the MacDock mini come in silver and black finishes.

Depending on the state of fundings made the startup will soon decide on working with different versions in collaboration with the MacBook Air Models and the MacBook Pro Retina.

In spite of the absence of shortage of any USB hubs in the market, designer Jan Sapper who has been the creator behind this project saw the need to get this dock introduced to the market. Nothing, according to him can match the unique design sensibilities of Apple and nothing at present can do all the things that MacDock can.

Having worked on the project for over a year, Sapper is now partnering with Pidso, a data transmission fir from Austria.



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