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Techies now Introduce Fashion in their Startups

The latest wave of startups in technology has its focus on something very unbelievable for Silicon Valley: Fashion. Very recently Zappos, the popular shoe selling site from Amazon saw a crowd consisting an unusual combination of tech geeks and fashionistas, with men in hoodies combined with t-shirt and jeans and women in stilettos and skinny jeans. A panel discussion was held, highlighting the latest focus of fashion among startups today.

Fashion is now emerging as one common theme among most young companies today, some of them combining social sharing with mobile apps. All of these provide various shopping alternatives to sites like Etsy and Ebay.

“We track about 500 startups,” said Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion, a consulting firm in New York that creates fashion startups. “Obviously this space is exploding,” as reported by

With some local firms in this field consumers can now buy and sell accessories and clothes in a much easier way than eBay.

Mobile Apps  created by Poshmark and Threadflip now give consumers an option of selling clothes they no longer wear by taking a picture and getting them online. Headquartered in San Fransisco, Threadflip, with its white glove service, the company helps customer to handle their photos with the help of listings before getting them shipped to sellers. Poshmark on the other hand charges its buyers a fee of $7 million for getting the items shipped.

Another area of these core services are the social components. These companies have mainly borrowed their cues from the popular site for sharing images, Pinterest in terms of how these apps look whether on the web or mobile.

Another similar startup here is Copious, a social market place enabling the buying and selling of everything along with clothing. CombatGent is another startup which offers from its website attires of high quality but much lower prices than men’s stores.

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