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TechCrunch is Associated with Teach For America Campaign

America is launching a campaign named ‘Teach for America’. This ensures that some of the finest grads from colleges are given the responsibility of teaching the low income schools. These youngsters possess magnifying intellectuality to help the impoverished minds; but the association has funds to deploy only few teachers, though the numbers of applications received are innumerous, as reported by Alexia Tstotsis and Eric Eldon of TechCrunch.

Therefore, TFA (Teach for America) along with Team TechCrunch have combined to raise $2, 50,000 to recruit atleast fifty members who have volunteered to teach the underprivileged. The organization has been functioning since 1991, with 430 volunteers working along with them in areas like Richmond, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose throwing light to more than 30,000 youngsters in 127 countries.

The contest will be there till the 18th of April and there are two grand prizes to be won.TFA will give away the prize to the most number of people who have been a part of teaching them. Along with it, the website will award the person who will help them to raise the most money in two tickets overall, reports TechCrunch.

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