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Tapastic, the U.S Webtoons Raises $ 7,50,000

Tapastic, a new platform providing a distribution engine for committed artists has recently raised a capital of $750000. Mainly backed by 500 startups, the other investors here include SK Planet, Strong Ventures and other angels. Based in San Jose, California, the company is founded by Chang Kim and has currently, a total of 12 employees.

So what does Tapasic have to offer? Tapastic was mainly because of a lack of distribution platforms or any other good aggregators in the U.S. It provides to its audiences bite sized web comics from famous comic brands and of superhero genre. These comics, distributed by a popular platform called Never Webtoons in Korea are enjoyed by a third of its total internet audience and Tapastic founder Chang Kim hopes to introduce this to the U.S audience too.

These comics simply focusing on mundane subjects like travel, dating , pets, etc, and are a major obsession among the Korean audience.

With comics lined up weekly with different schedules, Tapastic allows its readers to know what to expect. With over 60 English Webtoons ranging from comedy to horror to drama all lined up , the website provides an option that allows its users to get updated on their favorite webtoons by marking the ones that they prefer most.

Updating series of comics from various genres, Tapastic offers a unique platform for various artists and writers, both famous and amateur alike, to get their works uploaded. While artists and writers earlier used varied text based management systems in order to get their works uploaded, the scene is now different. They can now find better audiences rather than to depend on those accidentally having found their works while having gone through other platforms.




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