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Sunrise, the Helpful Calendar Application

Thank to the four engineers from Foursquare, calendars are now not just helpful but much more helpful as they can ever be. This is a calendar application that helps you with a “to do” list and is proved to have much more use that the standard iOS calendar application.

The home display is found on the calendar’s upper portion which shows two weeks at a time. Using the help of sources like Google, Facebook and Linkedin, the application’s server component directs you to various other things like access to communication with attendees, appointments, or even weather display. For this the application has to get looped in with all other relevant applications, such as those related to society, weather etc.

However the calendar does not directly integrate itself with the OS X or iOS calander. These data applications first get exported into Google and then synced with Sunrise. However the team describes the app as an application for users of the Google Calendar.

The application was first launched in order to serve as an email newsletter that could get information delivered into the inboxes of users daily. Today, the application has grown into a phone’s best calendar implementation.

“Calendar apps today are mostly broken as they don’t show you useful information, even though you spend a lot of time adding items every day,” UX designer and developer Pierre Valade said in an interview. “That’s why we first created a daily email combining all the information available on Google Calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn and Eventbrite, and presenting it in a compelling way,” Pierrre Valade, the UX designer and developer said.

“We looked at this underestimated issue because nobody wanted to redefine the underlying principles of existing calendar apps,” he continued. “And we think we built a very futuristic app, giving you all the information that you need in a beautiful user interface,” he continued.

The app is efficient, easy to understand, clean and exciting. All you have to do is get your fingers swiped across the month grid and then keep scrolling. The startup has not made any funding until now.



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