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StudentFreelancers: Why Waste the Energy of Students

The enthusiasm of students is something precious and is not to be wasted. They are inexpensive, trustworthy and diligent. This is why the new startup StudentFreelance has decided to concentrate on putting the excitement and enthusiasm of young children to good use.

Students can thus get hired by companies in order to get their work done. Also, the traditional route taken is HRs need not be taken here. The unemployment problem in America can in a way be taken care of in this way.

“Students graduating today have never been faced with a tougher job market, with students can gain experience and earn an income,” Michael Talei, the company’s founder said. “Businesses love us because they can scale their workforce and hire quality talent.”, as reported by

This is mainly a job board where students can get their skills submitted. Jobs then get posted by employers and the process moves thereon. Students can then win jobs and then get paid on the basis of freelance. Since they are students, there is no much benefit involved here. The startup stands as a broker between the employer and the student. Employees can get their jobs posted while students can get their resumes posted. The startup also plans to get both ends of its transactions monetized.

In fact, a $300,000 has been raised by the startup from family and friends. Though found online only a month ago, the startup has managed to serve more than a thousand jobs and students.

The United States is the main point of focus for the startup and this is what the founder believes will let it stand out. “What makes us unique is the quality of talent we have – our users have all studied in American schools. We’re bringing that Made in America quality to the freelance marketplace. Sites like Elance and oDesk will find it difficult attracting the quality of talent that we can.”, as has been reported by

“I’ve worked on several projects and have had to use freelancers. I came across a high school student and he did an amazing job – hacking away much better than professionals we’d hire there and even here. I continued hiring more students (college and high school) and was continually impressed, that’s when I decided that there should be a site specific to only student freelancers.”


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