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Storylane: A Platform Where You Can Read or Write

The social media is one platform where you can get your experiences share but not in depth. Storylane, on the other hand is a platform where your experiences can be shared in depth, whether, texts, images or audio. Pay a visit to a person’s profile in order to read their stories revealing their experiences. Gheller for example has his experiences from Fashmatch his previous startup revealed in his profile.

Readers can either get trendy stories discovered or follow individual users here. A look at someone’s profile will provide you a narrative side of themselves and not just just their social connections and other random ephemera.

If at all you are wondering what to talk about the platform itself prompts you with questions like “What is the most difficult part of your job?” or “what hobbies do you enjoy the most?”. This in different from other social networking platforms or blogs where you need to have something already in mind.

The startup also has plans to soon include brands on its platform. With the site launched last year, over a two hundred thousand stories have been shared till now. The startup has recently launched its latest iPhone app where stories can now be browsed by readers. Though comments can’t really be posted on these stories, readers get to hit a button to show that they have like a story or have been inspired by it or anything else. Users who get stories posted will also get notified regarding the feedback received for their stories.

The platform offers the user a stack of content that he can browse. In this way, stories can be read and enjoyed by readers at all times, whether at a bus stop or in leisure time.


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