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Start-ups to Be Alert for Future Catastrophes

The Unpredictability of nature is quite evident in the case of Sandy, one of the biggest storms ever to hit the country of U.S. Thus in order to be careful, various measures have been taken in the startup world and the budding startups are coming up with innovative ideas to safeguard the uncertainties. These startups are not only focusing on the disastrous Sandy, but other extreme weather conditions, such as Hurricane Isaac and summer drought in U.S. Midwest, reports Sarah McBride, of Reuters. Liquid Robotics is one such company that is preparing for a secure future.

Liquid Robotics is an ocean data service provider company. The company' s flagship product is the Wave Glider, a marine robot that uses the ocean' s wave energy for Force.The Company is based in Sunnyvale and was founded in the year 2007.

These gliders utilize floating robots for measuring vast amount of oceanic data. The robots are put to use in case of an upcoming storm and can help in crisis by measuring conditions of the ocean. They can also figure out if there is a tsunami or an earthquake which is going to trigger. The equipments of Liquid Robotics are already being utilized in some areas around the Pacific, including Indonesia and Japan.

Currently , Liquid Robotics works with some of the units of U.S. National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration along with the agency’s Tsunami warning and buoy center. ‘Government can make commercial success here’   says Francois Leroy, SVP for international sales and science, Sunnywale.

Leroy says that they will be marketing the gliders in the areas that are affected with Sandy in few weeks time. "We are collecting the data, preparing the case in terms of what we have done, and can do," says Leroy, as reported by Reuters.

Climate Corp, a data intensive company has adopted myriad weather data points to price crop insurance and another company, INRIX can figure out high traffic flow and help in evacuation during calamities.

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