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Startups Connect With Expert Developers through Airpair

With the launching of Airpair entrepreneurs can now easily get connected with expert developers for online sessions. Screensharing sessions of one hour will be offered to users where developers can help get codes reviewed, architecture brainstormed, problems assisted with etc.

Founded by Jonathan Kresner, the idea of this startup was mainly hit upon when the founder had realized the need for this kind of service while at his previous companies. Startups run by single people can also greatly benefit from this service.

Though all languages are being supported by the service, it has not received a large volume of calls while at the pre launch state. The total number of calls between developers and entrepreneurs so far is seven. These include paying customers who fall in the range of $30 to 90 an hour.

Since prices are not yet set, rates are currently being decided by developers themselves.

“You’ve never been able to access people with the exact experience you need and hire them for as short as one hour.”, says Kesner as he explains the difference between his startup and other similar ones, as reported by

“Airpair experts don’t build for you,” he adds. “This is a really important differentiation from services like oDesk or Elance. Because the engagements are short and expectations are to teach, rather than build, we can connect startups with already employed high-quality talent they would otherwise not have access to.”

All that a customer needs to do here is get the details about the technologies used in his company provided. An algorithm will then be run and matches will be found. A brief will then be sent to those with the required skill and experience.

The following is the feedback provided by one of the adopters.

“Following a brief description of my project with airpair, I was able to choose Peter Lyons, a developer with great credentials and expertise that matched my goals. He was able to quickly translate the requirements from my existing Ruby project into a more streamlined iteration in Node.js. He patiently explained some arcane aspects of Node and cemented the abstract tutorials I had done to real-world examples. Peter followed up the sessions with outlines and code examples–I didn’t expect that and really appreciate it now that I’m writing new code. Perhaps the most valuable result is that I now know that my project’s overall re-design has been vetted by a professional.

And all of that happened in just three hours over two sessions.”


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