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Capital investment for any company is necessary for its establishment and growth. Without sufficient capital and a hardworking team, a company cannot enter into the market. Men, money, materials and machinery are the essentials of a company. Conzortia Business Corporation, a crowd sourcing site has released its venture capital engine, called VentureCapitalSearch Engine.Com, reports PR W eb.

“If capital dries up, the fledgling business dies” Robert Dobvns, CEO of Conzortia. He further stated that "We are opening up this resource to allow small businesses in America ready access to the groups that are willing and able to supply their much needed capital. Over 400 angel investor groups and venture capital firms have been aggregated into this endeavor. This resource will help to facilitate the creation of thousands of American jobs." reports PR Web.

As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Dobvns is drawn towards the growth in the American economy. His latest business venture is based on the principles of the JOBS Act, approved by President Obama.

JOBS Act is a boon for Americans which are bills proposed by the President Barack Obama including various benefit schemes for the employees in U.S. He characterized it as a non controversial measure to bring back Americans to work.

"Corporate America is not growing. New job creation today starts with the fledgling businesses. Perhaps this tool can be a small cog in the mechanism of recovery in the U.S. employment economy," Dobyns explained, as reported by PR Web.

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