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Startup Weekend Now Sponsored by Massey University

The huge international movement Startup Weekend which has its origin in the U.S. now has its popularity spread in New Zealand where over ten different events will be held this year at different times. 

The first of these events will be the Startup weekend wellington which will be held from the sixteenth to the eighteenth of the next month. Young entrepreneurs can now benefit from these events by getting their ideas tested.

The popularity of these events is visible from the fact that these events will now be sponsored by the Massey University.

"As a university, Massey has carved out a reputation for being innovative and progressive, and we have a strong focus on initiatives that foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialization. The sharing of information and ideas and encouraging innovative thinking is what Startup Weekend is all about.” says Professor Ted Zorn, the head of the University’s College of Business as reported by

In fact, Zorn declares that these events further strengthen the University’s aim in contributing to the economic success of the country by developing its relationship with the community of business.

The not for profit events held in each startup city is made possible with the presence of various important local sponsors some of them being companies like BNZ and Microsoft.

The events at this Startup Weekend have in fact led to the birth of a number of business teams as has been pointed out by Dave Moskovitz, investor at Wellington Startup along with the facilitator at the Global Startup Weekend.

“It’s already having a huge impact in the ecosystem. Tickets are selling out well before the event itself; everyone wants to be involved. The fact Massey has come on board as national sponsor, and Microsoft and BNZ want to get in behind it, shows the support and track record Startup Weekend is building in New Zealand,” Moskovitz says.

Apart from the hard work and learning, these events provide a unique experience and are filled with creativity and fun.

The Startup Weeekend Wellington 2013 will be held after the inaugural events in Dunedin and Hawkes Bay and will be the third of its kind to be held in the capital.

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