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Startup Weekend: Major Rival of Unemployment in the U.S.

With over 3 million Americans facing the situation of long term unemployment, the unemployment rate in America, which is at 7.8 percent, has remained stagnant for quite some time.

The one and only solution to this problem of job scarcity here is entrepreneurship. In fact, according to the Kauffman Foundation Report "firms in their first year of existence add an average of 3 million jobs per year", as has been reported by

The report also states that startup firms are "responsible for all net job creation during most years."

Entrepreneurs, with their ambition, creativity and survival tactics, can serve as an effective source of growth in the U.S economy. They are thus the leaders of innovation and creativity in the U.S community.

This is where the Startup Weekend also has an important part to play. They play an important role in getting people hired into startups. This is a good platform where entrepreneurs extend their help and create more entrepreneurs, and hence more jobs. With their fast paced yet low pressured environment, they get job seekers connected to one another apart from various other resources and mentors.

The event thus provides a lot of its focus on education. A recent survey was conducted on participants who attended a startup weekend. The survey revealed that the weekend had led to an employment for over one third of these attendees. It was also found that six percent of these participants were in a position of offering employment.

Thousands of jobs have been generated by the startup weekend in the last year. It has led to the launching of over 10,000 startups.  The weekend has led to the creation of over a lakh entrepreneurs until now.

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