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Startup Spirit Hoods: Ever Tried Their Hoods?

A small time actor, Alexander Menduluk had performed with small parts in the Twilight movies. Today he is an entrepreneur and the creative mind behind the unique startup, namely Spirit Hoods. He began with making them for friends but very soon an entire tribe was born.

The furry creatures designed by the startup company are unique, fun ad designed with quality.

The first success was in 2009 at a Hollywood party when the entrepreneur sported one of them, a bobcat.  

"The entire place just stopped," he says. However this was soon followed by giggles and girls petting the hood and “I was, like, 'Ohmigod. This could be something cool.'", as has been reported by

Menduluk was soon followed by his partners Ashley Haber, Chase Hamilton, and Marley Marotta, who collectively contributed a $10,000 towards the business. Prototypes were soon created and the brand was officially launched in Las Vegas last February at a show called the Pooltradeshow.

What’s more, the company has its own way of supporting endangered species. This, it does by giving away a portion of its profits to this cause.

Guerilla marketing, late nights, porch jamming sunrises and celebrity closet discos are some of the means it uses in creating awareness among the public about itself.

It was in no time that the hoods began to be recognized and chosen by celebrities like Bruno Mars, the Kardashians, Snoop Doug, Vanessa Hudgens, Pink and various others. It was in no time that the product began to spread and speak for itself.

The social media is another effective tool that the startup uses in raising its awareness. The company uses to Facebook to directly communicate with its customers.

These products are most welcomed at music festivals like SXSW, Electric Forest, Ultra, Coachella and Lightning in the Bottle. The company even plans to create a built in washable speaker technology this fall.


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