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Sqwiggle: Work from Home Now More Convenient

A browser based group video chat has recently been built by a startup called Sqwiggle in order to be of help to employees who opt to work from home. The platform is convenient with less noise and more of an office like immediacy.

The platform also includes chat room services like Hipchat and Campfire so that some social normalcy can be maintained between teams.

What is special over here is that all background noise is eliminated and a worker can work without any distractions.

A workroom is provided to each company and a spot will be provided to each member in a group of heads called Brady Bunch Esque. A worker who is not actively involved in any conversation will have a still black and white photograph of himself updated every minute.

All that a user has to do is to click on the face of another person present in the room in order to speak to them. This is how connections are made. It is an immediate conversation with no ringing or answering involved. A clicking on different photos will involve the user in a group chat. Matching colored icons are provided here in order to show the others who is in conversation with whom. In order to join a conversation an employee will have to click on the other employee in conversation.

Sharing of quick texts, links or images can be done by using a slide out Stream drawer. This can also be used to send quick blurps in place of video chats which at times can appear inconvenient.

There is no exact number required for people who can be present in a room at a time. However a number varying from two twelve seems to fit best here.

The startup is now focusing on matters of privacy which is yet to be worked on.

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