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Sproutkin: Books Now Arrive At Your Child's Doorstep

Founded by a former lawyer and a mum of two Raelyn Bleharski, Sproutkin had recently had its seed round of funding closed after having arrived at over a $ 1 million from investors.

The startup’s main focus is to provide children a good choice of books through its subscription service. This way, a Netflix will thus be introduced for children’s books. A user will have to pay for the rental service and shipments of new books will arrive at his or her doorstep on a regular basis. Books need not necessarily be kept by the user.

The founder was mainly inspired toward the building of this startup when she herself felt the need and importance of good books for her kids. She felt that maintaining a supply of new books with quality was in fact more difficult than it seemed to be.“It takes a lot of time – I don’t think people realize that,” she says of her trips to local libraries and stores. Plus, she adds, “when you’re ordering off Amazon, you just don’t know what you’re going to get. And once you read it, it’s kind of done.”

The startup collaborates with an educational advisory board in the selection of its books. The board includes two former educators with thirty years of experience and a pre-school teacher.

A shipment of ten books revolving on a particular theme will arrive at a user’s doorstep each time. A card of follow up activities, trivia and other parent to children questions will also be provided along with the service. A user who is done with the first set of books can send back the return label that is found at the bottom of the box in order to receive a new set.

A baby books vertical has also been recently launched by the company. However there is no rental service involved here. The two or three books that come along with a toy can be kept with the baby and focus on different stages with each arrival.

The service of the startup costs a $24.99 each month.

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