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SOOMLA Raises $5.5 Million to Help Game Developers Catch 'Whales'

Bangalore: SOOMLA, the Israel based startup that enables in-app purchases in mobile games, raises $5.5 million in Series A round of funding. Backed by angel investors until recently, the startup has received its newest round of funding from an undisclosed multi-billion dollar online gaming corporation. Also the gaming giant recently made two other acquisitions in the mobile space and is investing in SOOMLA to complement the portfolio with a data platform.  The recent investment joins a trend of gaming corporations such as Nintendo, Baidu and Tencent all penetrating the mobile gaming market by investing and acquiring mobile gaming companies. The company will utilize the funds to grow their GROW platform, the first cross-game data sharing network.
Founded in 2012 by Gur Dotan, Refael Dakar and Yaniv Nizan, SOOMLA helps mobile game developers integrate in-game stores in minutes. The idea here is to allow these developers to reap the benefits of in-app purchases without having to write code that other developers have written time and again. The company’s mission is to drive game developers to success with technology and data.  Its market leading SDK powers over 4,000 live games reaching 400 million devices worldwide. Mobile game developers can leverage the GROW platform to spot paying users, commonly referred to as ‘whales’, and take action on their first session.

SOOMLA is launching its first data product – The Whales Report. This product allows game developers to identify users who are already paying in other games, and are likely to pay in their game too. This user-level insight is enabled by analyzing the crowd sourced data across thousands of games in the GROW data network.  Once the game developers know users who've paid in other games, they can start targeting them with push messages, in-game campaigns and even adaptive game play experience. The Whales Report works on the concept of data sharing. Developers can gain access to the platform by agreeing to share data back with other developers in the network.


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