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Songdrop: Discover and Share More Music

In spite of helpful platforms existing, the discovering and sharing of music still poses problems of its own which the latest platform of Songdrop aims to address. The startup has already got its first round of funding announced with an investment of $100,000 from SOIC Capital. The founders of this startup include Brittney Bean, James Towers and Richard Taylor. A finance director Chris Helm has recently been hired in the company.

The platform’s app is now available only on the web while a mobile app is soon to be created by the startup. Music can in this way be organized, shared and bookmarked by users, by using sources like Vevo, SoundCloud , YouTube and various other blogs.

Signing up can be done either directly or through Facebook, after which chrome extension or cross border bookmarklet can then be installed. Users can then get discovered music or videos bookmarked or drooped. Users can also organize tracks into playlists and can either share them within the service or on Twitter and Facebook through the Tweet and Like buttons.

Further the users and artists on the platform can also follow and be followed by other users and artists. Tracked bookmarks will be showed up in a user’s feed in this way.

“We believe the API for music already exists: it’s the whole internet. Songdrop is a way to make sense of the chaos,” says Songdrop’s Brittney Bean, as reported by

In app purchases are one option in which the platform can make money. Related music purchases are another possibility here. The startup also has plans to get it partnered with other brands and media companies so that its services could be used and an identity using music can be built. In this way new audiences can be reached.

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