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Social Media Platform Adly, Raises $2M

Adly ; a platform that helps consumers view the posts of famous personalities; through advertising on social media has raised an amount of $2 Million in their latest venture round of funding. They received funds from the previous investors GRP Partners; and the new investor o of the company, that they have managed to rope in Siemer Ventures. The total amount of funding amounts to $7.5 million, reports Antony Ha of TechCrunch.

Walter Delph, CEO, Adly speaks of their strategy saying that a large part of celebrities are connecting with the commons ; and  at the same time,  the company is gaining popularity receiving more ad campaigns. The company expects more data coming their way.

Adly is popular for their endorsements being a mediator between the celebrities and the common people. However they have relationships with 75,000 people as influencing their website. Out of the entire lot, only 2,000 are actual celebrities who stay connected to the people through social communities. The rest are also popular but they are not all that prominent as compared to the others. “By celebrity, what I mean is, if you walked down the street you would recognize them.”, said Walter Delph, CEO of Adly as reported by Antony Ha of TechCrunch.

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