Snapdeal Foresees to Expand its Tech Team to 2,000 by Year-End

Bengaluru: In a move to expand its cloud platform and technology operations, e-Commerce leader Snapdeal is planning to bifold the backbone of technology aggregation to 2,000 by the end of this year. The company has also appointed Gaurav Gupta as Vice President Engineering. With more than 13 years of industry experience in firms like Cisco, Symantec, CloudVelox, Vontu and Neopath networks, Gaurav will forefront the company's cloud platform and technology infrastructure, Snapdeal informed.

With one of the major cloud deployments in India, Snapdeal expects to quadruple its infrastructure in the coming year. Besides, the company foresees at accelerating the volume of its technology aggregation from the accepted 1,000 humans by the end of this year, as per the statement.

Snapdeal has as well fabricated a few chief hires in this team, who will play a key role in the architecture of an approaching accessible and avant-garde platform. Bhuvan Gupta and Jeyendran Venugopal joined Snapdeal as Vice President Engineering and Vice President Technology Advisor, correspondingly.


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