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Sivi Competing with the Global Search Engine

Google has been the world's most popular Internet search engine since its inception. But recently some other search engines have been launched; which are expected to give competition to the sole player in the market, reports Megan Rose Dickey of Business Insider.

A recent startup called Sivi is the one which is trying to make a place for itself in the search engine market, and it is not the first one to do so, as other companies such as and ChaCha have attempted the task before. Based in the U.S., the founder, Nicholas Seet believes that the company can make a difference in the market. He had sold his earlier video-advertising startup, Auditude to Adobe for $ 120 million last year and he thinks that Sivi can make a mark by filling the dots in the market.

"The big picture that is truly exciting is, imagine if you could ask your phone for anything, to search for anything, and to do anything, then who needs Google anymore? And that concept that I have now displaced the search engine because I don’t need to search for places to go. I can ask my phone to find them or do them, or make reservations and I don’t need to have ten blue links to waive through."  Seet states, as reported by Megan Rose Dickey of Business Insider.

Sivi provides only one correct answer for a query. The revenue model of the company is interesting, as Sivi charges $5 per answer currently. Down the lane, the company is set to make heads turn with innovations.

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