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SimplyInsured Makes Health Insurance Easier

There is no greater pain than the buying and managing of health insurances when you are a small business. Complications, lack of clarity, lack of speed in  quoting and unboarding, paper trail and the pressure on your wallet are some of the difficulties that one has to go through, which can now be avoided with the startup SimplyInsured now having come up with a recent solution.

Founded by the former employees at Cardpool, George Huo and Vivek Shah, the Y- Combinator startup has recently come up with the recent launching of its product, thus making it simpler for small businesses and their insurance. With its quote engine and online health insurance manager, it uses simple English to explain the user’s current plan thus helping him get hidden costs and cost savings identified.

Thousands of insurance policies are in fact being analyzed by the startup in order to give business owners coverage that are best to them, apart from giving their unique needs a good price and value. Also, paperwork of all forms gets paperlessly and automatically handled here. Users can thus get their plans running more quickly than ever.

The software helps its users by getting various aspects estimated, like the cost of a baby, the emergency room and other scenarios and procedures which are most of the time ignored. Companies here get guided in the best way with all fears regarding the purchasing of health insurances eliminated.

Companies here are served by the startup with a three step procedure. First, businesses are helped in the identification of the plan that best suits their needs. This is done with the use of algorithms. Information on the company’s needs is put forward here with price transparency.

The next step is the process of onboarding where the way in which companies sign up and get their employees activated is streamlined. The last step is the simplification of the plan’s ongoing administration. This is as simple as a click which also makes the switching of plans in the future much easier.

Users of this platform have in fact proved to have made savings that range somewhere from $500 to$1000. The startup, having integrated itself with payroll services can easily get the process of employee deductions automated for insurance.

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