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While grammar and spelling have always been something to watch out for, especially in English, solutions have always been welcome everywhere. Here is one the latest: the Ginger Keyboard from Ginger Software. Users of Android can now put in lesser efforts in checking on their spelling and grammar. This proofreading app for mobile is easy to use, straightforward and free. Corrected and perfected texts are now just a click away from users.

The app also helps in the better understanding and contextualizing of the English language. However, this is not to be mistaken for an educational app. Meant only for proofreading, the apps focus is to serve as a tool for proofreading. The app integrates with other Android apps like Facebook , Twitter, SMS of email.

The app’s focus is mainly on the correction of misused words and grammar errors made by the user. However, it also pays attention to a user’s style of speaking, thus adapting itself likewise. In fact over a twenty million sentences have been looked into by the platform each day. More than a trillion words get incorporated by the app through its machine learning models.

All that a user has to do is get the app downloaded from Google Play, and get it enabled on the device input list. Also, users will not have to get any supplemental software downloaded since the keyboard can be made to work with any android device.

The app however is not free from its limitations which it has been constantly working to improve. The startup has also been in severe competition with companies like Grammarly which have a similar focus. However Ginger works on one of the best systems for mobile operating. Its latest round of funding have provided the company with a $21 million, which it plans to use in building its technology so that it can “work on an intelligent platform that understands crazy accents and nuances in meaning, with consideration given to things like local idioms and metaphors”, as reported by Techcrunch.

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