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Security Check through Eyes in Smartphones

Security codes, drawing patterns and passwords are some of the common ways to ensure safety in smartphones. However, there are companies who like to experiment and find out new methods apart from the above. EyeVerify , a startup has figured out a unique and easier way to secure a Smartphone by looking into the lens of the phone and moving left to right.

The software of EyeVerify recognizes the veins of the eye in between the white part of the eyes. The company assures that this method is as accurate as our fingerprints, as human beings posses two eye prints in each eye which varies from person to person.

EyeVerify , based in Kansas is preparing to launch this software early next year. Toby Rush, CEO and founder, foresees a number of users using this service. It can be used for verification by people who want to access some important information like bank accounts or medical records. There are a number of phone manufacturers who want to use the software, but the names of the interested partners have not been revealed by the company yet.

Founded this year, the man behind this idea is Reza Derakhshani, who was a co- recipient of the patent for the eye-vein biometrics in 2008. For the users, it is a simple method as they just have to look right or left, which enables the software to confirm the eye print with the camera of the smartphone.At the same time, EyeVerify can differentiate between an artificial image and a real person. Rush says it’s a challenge to the software, because the settings have to be proper to provide accurate results.

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