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SAP Labs India Ranked amongst Best Companies to Work for in India

Bangalore: In the recent list published by ‘The Great Place To Work Institute’, SAP Labs India ranked amongst top five leaving Godrej, Intuit Technologies, Accor Hotels and many more behind in the list for the year 2015 retaining the identical position as last year. With over 700 organizations from 20 different industries registered for the survey. Over 180,000 employees were assessed to determine the best place to work for making it the most astronomically immense and most ample analysis of corporate work-culture in India.

SAP Labs India is kenned for its employee-cordial policies catering to the desiderata of empowering the workforce in-house through inspiring leadership abilities. Apart from this, amicable initiatives like enabling women to integrate themselves after maternity leave, ‘Care for Life Fund’, a voluntary emergency fund arranged and managed by the employees and for the employees.

“It is a proud moment for us to retain our fifth position among Top 100 companies to work for in India. These awards are a testimony not only to our adoption of excellent people policies and practices, but additionally the immense trust and confidence our employees have shown us,” verbally expressed Bhuvaneswar Naik, Head of HR, SAP Labs India. In integration to the accolade, SAP Labs India has also topped the list of ‘Best Companies in Fortifying Women to remain at Work in India’, ranked third in IT Industry in India and situated fourth in ‘Companies in Employee Participation and Involution in India’.

The Great Place To Work Institute’s annual Best Workplace List is a component of the world’s most sizably voluminous and most treasured study of workplace quality and employee management. This survey is quantified one of the most perfect employer-of-cull and workplace quality apperception award. Out of the 700 blue-chip companies registered for the recent survey, RMSI Pvt. Ltd. is the best place to work for in India followed by Google India, Marriott Hotels and American Express India.
“This is a great moment for us. We are profoundly proud of our human resource policies, and the innovation culture we have in place. We have always believed in building a sustainable and diversified workforce that is essential for driving innovation and magnification in an organization; these awards are apperception of our belief,” concludes Dilipkumar Khandelwal, Managing Director, SAP Labs India and Executive Vice President & Head of Suite Engineering, Products and Innovation.


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