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Recruitment Technology Firm ePoise Bags $500,000 Funding

Bengaluru: With the Government of India launching many campaigns to empower the youth, many job opportunities are being created each day. This has paved way for many startups to venture into the recruitment space and the investors are showing a lot of interest in these startups. In light of this, Orios Venture Partners, Slideshare’s Co-Founder Amit Ranjan and other unnamed investors invested $500,000 in Bengaluru-based recruitment technology firm ePoise. Last year, the company had raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from friends and family members.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of mobile connections that are currently being used in India, the three-year old company plans to further develop its new product – ‘ePoise Job Interviews app’ using the freshly raised capital. This app will enable job seekers to find jobs and take interviewers from their smartphones.

ePoise, owned and operated by ePoise Systems Pvt. Ltd., is the contrivance of London School of Business duo of Sachin Agrawal and Bishan Singh. ePoise offers cloud-based video interviewing solutions to enterprises and corporate customers. Its flagship product - ‘ePoise Job Interviews app’ is said to be the world’s first mobile-based interview place. In the last one year, the company has hosted over 20,000 interviews for job seekers and various companies and also claims that the app has already seen over 1500 downloads within the first week of its launch.

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