Radio App, Swell Raises $5.4 Million

Radio app Swell, has raised $5.4 million in series A round of funding. The initial round of funding was lead by Draper Fisher Jurveston, Google Ventures, InterWest Partners, Correlation Ventures, and Draper Nexus Ventures reports Anotony Ha of Techcrunch.

Swell is a radio app that brings in talk radio content come alive. Launched in June, the company takes content from NPR, American Public Media, ABC News, the BBC, TED Talks, and others, reports TechCrunch. The programs are personalized off late, according to the requirements of the listeners. The content is all about various channels in the entire list of programs, varying from technology, tunes, weather etc.

All of them have equal listenership. All the listeners have different topics to surf on. The app has an average of thirty minutes of people entering when they listen to the first time, while the rest of the entrances account for more than 110 minutes, per week. Any user can connect to the app, whenever they don’t have any specific app to listen to, whether it is news, songs or any other such channel.

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