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Quipio: More Fun in Sharing

Sharing of anything from texts to videos to pictures onto any social network is now only a click away and with the simplest of the simplest tools. Yes, the formula from Instagram has now been brought down to its most basic level, thanks to the startup Quipio . All that you as a user need to do is to get your message typed, any message, get your important words highlighted and leave the rest to Quipio. Selecting a theme or adding a photograph for your background is entirely up to you. Your text will immediately be provided with a fun look with all the highlighted words now emphasized. Your quip can then is shared onto your social networks like Twitter of Facebook and receive comments from other users.

While the app performs the entire hard work of getting your messages, thoughts or other wonderful moments beautified all that a user needs to do is effortlessly share them. And here is the best part! The app gets better in knowing you each time you use it. It recognizes your likes and dislikes and acts likewise. Isn’t that great?

“so-and-so saw your quip and went ‘mmm!’”, is the notification that the application’s audio alert can provide you with. Isn’t that helpful. The startup sees itself as an evolved form of Twitter. "The designs offered by the app really do improve with the passage of time, and Quipio has every chance of becoming a hit in the near future." ,says Addictive Tips, as reported by

"The key difference between Quipio and other Text-on-Picture apps is that it does most of the work for you. You type in whatever you want to say (like a tweet) and then Quipio goes to work figuring out the best fonts, textures, layouts and style options that would work with it.”, declares NextBigWhat, as reported by


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