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Pune-based Food Recommendation App Quinto Raises Seed Funding

Bangalore: The personalized Pune-based dish commendation app Quinto, has heaved an unrevealed sum of seed capital from Faaso’s Jaydeep Barman. The startup has informed that it will utilize the funds to boost up the engineering and marketing team, enhance the recommendation engine, craft comprehensive food ontologies and develop the ethnic language dispensation engine that will facilitate user interaction as well as data assimilation.

Debuted in 2014, the startup is a brainchild of Hrishikesh Rajpathak and Sahil Khan, and is accessible on iOS and Android platforms. It illustrates crowd sourced dish rankings, instead of restaurant ratings to assist customers ascertain good food in their vicinity. Quinto presently has 5,000 users and is currently working on the development of a tailored food recommendation engine which will be accessible in the app’s new edition.

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