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Practice Fusion Raises $60 Million

Headquartered in San Francisco, Practice Fusion has raised $60 million in the fourth round of funding. This round of funding was initiated from a New York based investment firm. The valuation of this company is approximated between $600-$700 million, reports Christina Farr of Venture Beat.

Practice Fusion, popularly known for the online services that the company renders to customers, it has a launched a new website of the former, named Patient Fusion. This site offers information about personal medical appointments, queries about illness, receiving accurate feedback from the consumers.  The startup has more than 300 employees along with a recent acquisition of 100 Plus. One of a unique factor of the company is, they have raised a huge amount of funding within a year of establishment. Capital is essential in a company, because the hiring is extensive and a prosperous roadmap.

Early Spring the company claimed that, they had over 27,000 doctors and 1.5M reviews signed on to a particular patient. The company generates revenue by advertising by selling ads on its free EMR, reports Christina. Pharmaceuticals are the primary people who come up for advertising to look for new doctors down the lane.

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