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Position Yourself as an Entrepreneur, Even if Not

Though most of us are not entrepreneurs in real sense, each one of us posses certain qualities of entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurial traits can be utilized to the maximum if you are courageous enough to do so. We are coming across employee attrition immensely in all the companies around the world. To avoid such a scenario; all the companies are coming up with an initiative to instill creativity, in their employees regardless of their designation in the company.

According to a survey by Monster; more than 80 percent of people desire to seek another job to secure another fulfilling position in the company. All that an employee needs is someone who will listen to their suggestion.

Michael Larrain, who heads L’Oreal company as the president; says that when an employee steps into a company, he will be in quest of perpetual advancement of their career. Thus the entrepreneurial spirit is present in each one of us will help in continuous growth, development and passion for any employee towards his or her company.

A healthy company culture can be brought up with such an initiative; if it’s imbibed by another company. Any employee will be more happy to be associated to his company. A unique feeling arises in him; that he has prominence in the work environment and if he has any idea, any day his superior will surely listen to him even if the idea is not implemented.

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