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PledgeCents with a Platform to Help Schools

Based in Houston, PledgeCents is a startup that deals with K-12 public schools, helping them to get their funding raised and continue to survive at a time when federal and state funding have been constantly drying up.

The startup is now working on getting schools connected with corporations and investors. In this way, it is trying to provide alternatives to the ordinary and traditional channels for fundraising.

The startup was cofounded by Ricky Johnson and aims at letting public schools maintain their educational standards with all the services, supplies and programs that they need in this time when the economic recovery is slow.

K-12 schools can now begin to raise funding for their projects. These funding can be of any type, program or resource. Schools today, come up with various micro projects for which they require funding. Supplies for theatre, science labs, school security, field trips are increasingly in need today.

With the launching of PledgeCents, teachers can now get their projects created while funds can be overseen by administrators. The startup also provides students a supply of bracelets that they can where in order to show their support to the startup.

The amount that the startup’s platform has raised will get distributed to various schools no matter whether the targets for fundraising have been hit or not. The startup differs from other similar startups like EverTrue and AlumniFunder with the fact that its focus is more towards getting its funds for supplies. This will include salaries for teachers apart from other activities related to general education like band equipment and field trips.

“The slow economic recovery continues to impact school funding across the United States,” Johnson concludes, “and many educators are waking to the realization that they have to find alternative funding for at-risk programs and services.”, as reported by


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