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Playground Sessions to Give You Online Lessons

Having your role model listen next to you and check your chords while you play is a good experience. However, you can also choose a different method. Going online is the trend today from shopping to education, so why not music? This is an experience that the startup Playground Lessons has been trying to provide.

Based in New York, the company has now come up with a new way of teaching you how to play the piano. It provides a learner with video demonstrations by using a MIDI keyboard. And this does not mean that it does not care about how you progress for the platform’s software gives you an instant feedback on your performance and whether or not you have matched the notes well.

All that a user has to do is get the software downloaded from the company’s website. A better tablet app is in fact going to be available soon. The teaching process takes place through certain bootcamp tutorials that introduces you to the basic concepts of music like key signatures, notations and chord progressions. The whole platform has mainly been designed by Alex Ness, an instructor from the University of New York.

Lessons are also provided to help you learn specific songs like “Firework”, by Katy Perry or “Without You” by David Guetta.

“One of the reasons students drop out early is that they don’t really love the sound. They’re not motivated or engaged by the songs they’re playing,” said Chris Vance, who co-founded the company. “One of the things we wanted to address was giving people more choice and ownership over what they play.” as reported by

The platform also lets a learner know how well he has improved from the last time. Problem areas are also pointed out to the student.

A member can go for an annual plan of $9.99 per month of a quarterly plan of $14.99 per month.


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