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Planspot for Better Event Marketing

It was last October that Planspot, the all in one tool for event marketing was launched in Netherlands. The startup is now getting pushed to go international and include itself in countries like the U.S.  This push comes mainly from its requirement for media partnerships.

The startup’s competitors include names like Mailchimp, Sproutsocial, HootSuite and the London based Evently. It is now looking to get itself hooked with other event listing websites, mailing list management, Press Release Distribution, and other social media in order to improve the state of event marketing and online promotion.

Its focus is on getting campaigns for the online marketing of events integrated with different channels in order to get their effectiveness measured in a better way. What event organizers have to do is get them signed up to Planspot, create an event listing and then enter the associated data which can include things like a hashtag, a registration link or a ticket. An event page will then be created on Planspot along with links to other respective pages. This along with various status updates can get pushed to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The conversations on these sites can, not just be tracked but also be responded to. The user however does not have to leave the Planspot dashboard for this.

The startup also supports campaigns for traditional email. Created events can automatically get an email template generated and this includes thing like a link to the Events page of Planspot, a link to the event on Facebook,  a Twitter hashtag. Users can now get their mails scheduled and sent to different lists and these can get imported. Event marketers can then get a chance to use analytics in order to keep a track of the results from their emailing campaign.

A Press release creator which includes tracking and distribution is also present. Event listing sites and publishers can in this way get integrated with Planspot. Events can also be matched to newspapers, magazines and other event listing sites that are integrated with Planspot. The startup has till now raised an amount of 75,0000 from angel investors. Its founders include a team of four namely Satya van Heummen, Chris Wilson, Michiel Scheepens, and Reinoud Tjallema.

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