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Personal Cloud: A Threat to Data Security, Gartner

Bengaluru: The emergence of digital storage has been an immensely colossal prosperity in the corporate and tech world. These digital storages are commonly kenned as cloud. Its facile accessibility has indubitably hit the storage world. Despite of its variety, people often miss on the security aspect. A recent survey on personal cloud by Gartner Inc., world’s leading IT research and advisory company concluded that growing importance of personal cloud shapes how employees operate their digital lives. The report denoted that, the End-user computing (EUC) and digital workplace managers who are responsible for building the digital workplace will be increasingly challenged as the personal cloud perpetuates to evolve and intersect with IT initiatives.
“The personal cloud is the amassment of content, services and implements that users assemble to consummate their personal digital lifestyle needs across any contrivance. Each user’s personal cloud is unique and evolving, as the user’s daily needs change and as vendors and products come and go. Looking forward, we visually perceive perpetuated upheaval and challenges from the coalescing of personal and corporate digital implements and information within each user's life,” verbally expresses Stephen Kleynhans, Research Vice President, Gartner.
The next kin of personal cloud will be shaped by two key trends – incremented accessibility and increasing intelligence applied. There are already new apps that apply robust apperception algorithms to personal photos stored in cloud services that automatically tag locations, people and events.
“The rate of change is expediting as incipient technologies like Windows 10, ubiquitous sensors, wearables and astute machines alter the landscape and further blur the lines between consumer and enterprise computing. By 2018, 25 percent of immensely colossal organizations will have an explicit strategy to make their corporate computing environment kindred to a consumer computing experience,” integrates Kleynhans.
Gartner highlights three categorical areas which are going to be affected by the personal cloud wave. Firstly, Virtual Pesonal Assistance (VPA) – which is emerging as a critical new service that can access both user and enterprise information in personal cloud engendering a security risk for the digital workplace. Secondly, Internet of Things and wearables will expand each user’s personal cloud and challenge EUC to maintain digital workplace in managing security and privacy. Thirdly, Strong Authentication Technology is increasingly critical for overall data auspice strategy. While vigorous authentication technologies are only the first step toward long-term approaches to securing both user and corporate data, they do compose a consequential initial step in the chain. Over the long term, this situation will transmute and identity will be established in the device utilizing strong multifactor methods, and then used to establish secure sessions with sundry services. The trends in cloud computing will be discussed at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in November 2-5, 2015 in Goa, India.
Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is world’s most important amassment of CIOs and their senior IT executives. While the event distributes independent and objective content with the ascendancy of the world’s leading IT research and advisory organization, it provides access to the latest technologies. IT executives rely on these events to gain insight into innovative ways to utilize IT in organization to surmount business challenges and amend operative efficiency.


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