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Over Confidence Invites Massacres in Startups

As entrepreneurs, we always tend to project the bright side of our startup firm with lots of sparkle and shine so that it reflects very well to outsiders. Presentation skills hold a primary position when you are trying to do something new and want people to be aware of what you are doing.

Putting forth excess of positive aspects of one’s company may trap you sometimes, because you would have forgotten some of the bits which may lose their threads to the story. You may have to pay hard, for the whole lot of strings you have tied to make it a large rope. Showing a wrong picture to people will further lead to losing reputation reports Walter Chen from Young Entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur always motivates his employees with a positive environment,  so that his fellow workers don’t bother about the bitter side of a startup filled with pressure and uncertainty As per the study conducted by Keith Hmieleski and Rober Baron who surveyed 209 entrepreneurs,  say  that the performance of the entrepreneurs always deteriorated once their business venture came up. Initially; they are an optimistic bunch, but as time surpasses it is sees a downward trend.

The best motivation comes from within, as it leads to good work from within. Make sure that you are not faking it, and strike a balance between reality and blind belief. If you cannot see the hurdles which may arise in future, then there is nothing called ‘reality’ that you are seeing.

Therefore, open your eyes and believe in things that will happen,  instead of drowning in your business and keeping false hopes of renewal.

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