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Online Edu Startup, Treehouse Raises $7Million

Online education startup, Treehouse raises $7 million. This round of funding was led by educational service company Kaplan. The company was founded in 2011, specializes in various technical subjects such as web designing, programming languages, blog designs and mobile apps etc, reports Mike Rogoway of Oregon Live.

Treehouse is the most inexpensive way of studying in the future. Ryan Carson, founder and CEO of the company says that you have to spend around $25 a month only,  compared to the four year degree where you spend millions of dollars.

Carson said “What Treehouse is doing is a picture of education in the future as  reported by Mike Rogoway of Oregon Live.

The total funding of the company amounts to $11.75 million overall with an annual growth rate of $5 million. The additional funds will bring in more staff to the company reports improving their teaching standards. The total headcount of the company is 55 in Florida. Carson is working in building towards a headquarters very soon.

Carson said that Kaplan will provide test preparations for students, professional certification sources and other online information to students.

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