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Online Data Company SugarSync Raises $3M

SugarSync, an online data and cloud storage company, has finalized a deal of $3Million in series D round of funding. One of the biggest providers for cloud, a company spokesman said that the funding will enhance the product development field. The funding was closed by an existing investor Draper Fisher. SugarSync presently gained accolades as one of the top cloud service providers presently, due to which they had not raised any amount as funding since last February, reports Christina Farr of VentureBeat.

“This small cash infusion was from existing investors who were simply supporting our focus to continue to improve the user experience, we’re very disciplined related to what we’re delivering and who we are targeting,” he added.”  Said the company’s CEO Mike Grossman, as reported by VentureBeat.

Based in California, the company helps storage and syncing of data in PC’s, Mac’s Android and Blackberry services. SugarSync has come a long way standing amidst OpenDrive, AmazonCloud as their competitors.     

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