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Nuzzle to Conduct Seed Funding With $1.7 Million

Nuzzle, a startup for social news has recently closed its seed funding round after having arrived at a $1.7 million. The company is founded by Johnathan Abrams , an earlier founder of companies like Hotlinks, Friendster and Socializr. Being the only person to work full time on the company’s project, the founder is now in a comfortable position to begin hiring for available positions in his company such as full stack software engineer, iOS Engineer,DevOps Engineer, and a Growth analytics Engineer.

What makes Nuzzle different from the other news apps is that it is simple, quick and clean. The content on the Nuzzle website can be explored to an extent where a user can have a look at content beyond his/her immediate social network. Links from friends of friends and social feeds of other users can be easily explored. Also, dominated by stories from TechCrunch, it is a good way to keep up with missed stories from the website.

“We received thousands of requests for beta invitations after our press launch in Sept, which I haven’t had time to respond to yet.” says Abrams, as reported by Techcrunch.

The new company has been backed by investors like 500 startups, SoftTechVC, IDG Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Andreesen Horowitz  etc. and Abrams describes them as “the best group of investors I have ever had for one of my startups,” which means “the pressure is really on for Nuzzel to build great shit!”

In all, the company is backed by an overall of 25 investors.

Founded this September, Nuzzle will now help its internet users with easier ways to view news from friends and manage social overload. The various advisors on its board includes the CEOs of companies like Datasift, Hootsuite and Digg.

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