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Now TaxiForSure Cab with a Single Tap on the App

Bangalore: TaxiForSure unveiled its new enhanced app that allows customers to book a cab on a single tap in order to make travel convenient. With the new app, the company offers the most economical rides that provide a great experience to customers and will continue to invest towards achieving these goals. Additionally, the company also announced its strategic partnership with Paytm, to enable 70 million of Paytm customers to use TaxiForSure and pay through its prepaid wallet.

Incorporated in 2011 by Arvind Singhal, TaxiForSure is a technology based platform which brings together existing vehicles and customers who need a ride. TaxiForSure enables customers with a seamless booking experience across mobile apps, website, and call centers. App users can book a ride using the app on Android, Firefox OS, iOS and Windows phones under 10 seconds. Today, with this strategic approach along with cutting-edge technology, TaxiForSure is rearing up to provide more accessible, safe and economical ride for sure.

Commenting on the enhanced app, Arvind Singhal, CEO, TaxiForSure, says, “Technology has always been our forte and we are continuously investing in it to ensure that customers have a seamless experience with us. TaxiForSure believes in setting higher benchmarks in the industry, and when we were revamping the app our goal was to do exactly that – do something that no one in the industry has. We are proud of ‘One Tap to Get a Cab’ and are confident that customers will enjoy this experience”.

Speaking about the Paytm, he added, “Our mission is to make TaxiForSure the preferred brand for commute in India, and we believe that the journey towards this goal will be fuelled by strategic partnerships. Paytm, a name that echoes confidence and convenience fit the bill precisely for us. Now, over 70 million Paytm users can use TaxiForSure to commute, and we are happy to become the largest taxi aggregator in India to partner with them”.

Amit Lakhotia, Vice President, Paytm says, “We are really happy to partner with TaxiForSure. Paytm wallet consumers now would be able to pay through the money they have kept in their wallets for taxi rides. This is in line with our mission of driving cash-less experience for payments during transactions. TaxiForSure has strong connected with taxi consumers and is an important partner to drive this experience”.

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