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Now Run Your Vehicle with Leftover Vegetable Oil

It was in 2001 when Charles Andreesen’s Toyota Diesel pickup truck had been converted into a straight vegetable oil that the birth of Golden Fuel Systems was on its way. Hailing from a family of fishermen, it took the young entrepreneur one tragic evening when he was caught and almost shot for stealing leftover vegetable oil from a restaurant to reach the path of success in his newfound business.

Apologies worked, along with an explanation of how his truck was powered by grease. This was when he got a chance to get the restaurant’s waste taken care of by him in return for a free dinner.

Having learnt self reliance, which comes as a part of his humble background, Andreesen was never short of ideas when it came to finding any. And it was this idea of using cooking waste into his fuel tank that led him to the heights of success with Golden Fuel Systems.

"I had people calling out of the blue to pay me for my knowledge," Anderson says, as reported by the, and then Golden Fuel Systems was born.

Today the company has over 6,500 of its units sold. Its products can be used by diesel cars of six different brands, apart from generators, semi trucks, boats, buses, and RVs.

"Before 2008, it was on a rocket sled to the moon,” the entrepreneur says. That was when its first revenue of $1.8 million was found.

Today, the company has sold its products which have an overall worth of $800 million. The company has a bright long term potential after having partnered with various installers like Tecas, Ohio, New York < Florida, Japan and Norway.

It has also paved the way for other growing businesses, one among them being sail Homer, a company that deals with eco friendly boat touring.

Customers based in the other states are helped by Andreesen in getting their vehicles converted.

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