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NightPro: Adding Technology To The Management Of Events

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, Nightpro is a startup that deals with the management of events and venues. Client databases, promoter performance, guest list, table availability, and reservations are some of the things that the company deals with. Apart from this, the startup also helps event promoters with more efficient operations and better collaboration.

Individual promoters, promotion companies, venues of different sizes and nightclubs operators from around the world have now begun to rely on this startup.

The financing round of the startup was merely backed by family and friends. The startup was originally founded by Juan Bermudez and Francisco Quintero in order to serve nightclubs with daily deals. ”The industry really doesn’t like consumers online getting access to an event,” Quintero says. “They always want to  have the right to refuse admission.”, as has been reported by Pando Daily.

This was when the team had decided to be of service to promotional agencies and venue owners with its B2B service. Though launched only recently, the startup has already been used over fourteen promotional agencies and eight different venues.

Juan comes from a background in advertising where he has worked with clients like Fisher Price, Sony Electronics, Marvell, General Mills, and Atari, helping these companies get their mobile and web experiences built. Fransisco , on the other hand has a masters in Management and a Masters in International Business where he has specialized in the fields of marketing and sales. While Juan’s focus is more on the development of the leading product in the company, Fransisco’s focus is more on logistics, marketing and client development.

The software is available for free. However, advanced features will cost a premium of $50. Also features can be accessed by venue owners for a price of $400 each month.

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