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New iPad Payment App from PayPal

It was two weeks back when the payment giant PayPal Here had announced regarding its iPad app. This is its first iPad app and the first native app for the tablet in the company. The startup had in fact recently got its technology for in store mobile payments debuted.

“Here” was launched by PayPal in the last year. This is mainly a triangular shaped dongle which can be plugged into an Android device or an iPhone. It can be used in the reading of magnetic strips that are found at the back of a card. This is similar to the device produced by Square, the startup’s rival.

The app was mainly was mainly built after over hundreds and thousands of requests from merchant users. The iPhone app had in fact been magnified by most users in order to get itself to fit the iPad.

Multiple employee logins will now be allowed within one account. This is in fact one key feature for larger chains and merchants. A user can then log in before he gets sent to the register. They are then allowed to get the total entered into the keyboard. A payment will then be offered in many different ways.

On the approval of a transaction, a receipt can thus be printed, texted or emailed. The app has in fact even got the RedLaser Technology from eBay integrated. Barcodes can in this way be allowed to get scanned and items can be easily purchased. An easier process for checkout can also be reached by users with the use of a scanning feature which can get an inventory added to the app. Items here can also manually be added to the menu and an item can simply get picked by cashiers.

While the register currently works in the U.S. the app soon plans to get itself integrated with the international offerings of the company.

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