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Mumbai Based RedPolka Raises Rs.1.6 Crore in Angel Funding

Bangalore: Mumbai based fashion and lifestyle online platform, raises Rs.1.6 crore in its Angel round from a group of five investors. The funds will be utilized for building a mobile app as well as to hire talent.

Incorporated in 2014 by Vishakha Singh, the three month old startup is owned by DOS Interactive Pvt. Ltd. As a platform for product discovery for online shoppers, Red Polka allows users to discover, crave, love and talk about beautiful things in fashion and lifestyle. The portal showcases curated-based products on affinity groups and interest graphs, with a weekly theme.

Since inception, the firm has not been involved in any sale or purchase activity although it helps the users with information and makes their shopping knowledge contented and convenient.  Today, the firm has partnered with 32 paying brands through the affiliate channel and has in-house curators & designers. The firm is also looking to append automated curation on its portal.


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