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MOX: A New Web Channel with Music and Dance

“Electronic dance music is what rock ‘n’ roll was decades ago. It’s a ‘fuck you’ to your parents.” “A lean-back, TV-like experience on the Internet is the future of television.”, as reported by regarding the new web TV channel called

It was only recently that the startup had come out of its stealth mode. This is a platform where concerts, videos and dance music get broadcasted twenty four hours a day. In addition to this the platform also presents VJs getting news hosted. All that the viewer has to do is get the channel opened and begin grooving. Clicks are not required here.

“The Internet today is really good at giving you exactly what you want…but often you don’t know exactly what you want to listen to or watch.”, says Carter Laren who serves as the company’s founder.

Choices here are being made by the channels human curators, and all that a user has to do is let it play and browse through the website.

However, this does not mean interactivity has completely been ruled out by the platform. A user scrolling down the video channel will find buttons on the left. The user will then find a stream of news by different video jockeys, apart from other dance, chill and bass.

The startup first aimed at providing users with a live music experience. After having conducted a trial with a group from the ages of sixteen to twenty four, it was concluded that the twenty four seven video stream was loved by all but the large number of configuration options were very confusing. This was why the DVR style timeline was ditched by the company.

The startup now has a team of nine of nine employees and is currently in its beta stage.

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